There’s something beautiful about keeping certain aspects of your life hidden. Maybe people and clouds are beautiful because you can’t see everything.
close-up chanyeol and his adorable eyes

"everyday, everynight, i am missing you.


psychology at its best

  • if your bias is a rapper you’re a hardcore motherfucker in bed
  • if your bias is the main dancer you want to be fucked against the wall 
  • if you bias the main vocal, you’re loud in bed
  • if your bias is the leader you like to take lead in bed
  • if your bias is the maknae you shouldn’t be reading this


a fall out boy concert is a religious experience like theres chanting and crying its so high energy and you get so inspired- a panic at the disco concert is a godless orgy basically with bras thrown everywhere and strong weed in the air and a half naked lead singer thrusting everywhere on stage
i cant believe both bands are so closely associated.


How Xiumin and Chen looks like in Chanyeol’s eyes

No wonder Chanyeol claims himself as the most handsome of EXO, lol


How to win a game of pool: Guide by a cheater Kim Jongin